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The following disclaimer is provided for the Davidson County Tax Database.

​Please read the following information prior to submitting any request for information.

​These databases are provided as a public service to the citizens of Davidson County, and are not being provided to replace any official source of information.  These records were created for informational purposes only.  This information should not be considered to be completely error-free or to include all relevant information, nor should it be used as an exclusive basis for decision-making.

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​If your request is different or more information is needed other than the downloads listed below, a Request Form is required and a fee will be applied. 

​​Outside requests are processed in the order received.  However, daily operations to meet statutory requirements do take precedence over outside data requests.

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Please complete Request Form and email or fax the request per the instructions on the form.  If you have any questions, please contact the tax office customer service line at 336.242.2160.

The following files are downloadable parcel database information as of July 1, 2023.  These Tax data downloads are provided in a comma separated value (.csv) format or (.txt) text format

​To download a file, click on the file you want to download.  A window will appear asking if you want to "Open" or " Save" the file.  Select option "Save As" and navigate to the folder on your PC where you want to save file.


Account Information - includes name and mailing address

Parcel Information - includes parcel / pin number and values

Building Information - includes building information and values

Land Information - includes zoning information and values

OBXF Information (Outbuilding and or extra features) - includes values

Sales Information

Tax Scroll

Unpaid Taxes as of February 1, 2024