Motor Vehicle Information

North Carolina DMV offices will be including your property tax with your registration renewal billing for each of your vehicles. For more information and detailed Questions and Answers visit DMV’s website.

Motor Vehicle Billing

Monthly information is received from Raleigh with detailed registration information allowing Davidson County Tax Office to know how to bill you according to the vehicle you registered at the DMV. Reports are run to determine the value, situs and tax rate of the specified month of plate renewal. Values are determined as of January 1, of the year the tax bill is due. These values are provided to us by Tax Equity Consultants, a pricing company that uses the vehicle identification number to determine the value. After all the information is compiled, a tax bill is prepared for personal property taxes according to NC.G.S. 105-330.

Personal Property

This section of the tax department is included with motor vehicles. Yearly (January 1 to January 31) we list and assess personal property. These include:

  • Boats
  • Motors
  • Multi Year Tagged Trailers
  • Untagged Vehicles

This information is compiled so that tax bills are ready to be mailed the first of July of each year, based on ownership as of January 1st.

To dispute a motor vehicle value, please click below for a Motor Vehicle Appraisal Form to complete:

Motor Vehicle Appraisal Form

For more information you can reach either division by calling 336-242-2160.