Low Income Energy assistance program

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides heating assistance. Payments are sent directly to the heating source vendor (i.e. gas/oil/electric company) rather than to the client. 


Davidson County Department of Social Services takes applications for North Carolina's Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) each year from December 1st through the end of March (or until funds are exhausted). For eligible applicants, this program provides a one-time payment to help pay for heating-related costs. Applications will be taken based on priority groups (as funding allows):

  • Households with a member 60 and older or any household with a disabled member receiving services through Division of Aging or Adult Services (DAAS) are eligible to apply from the first business day of December through the last business day of March each year.
  • All other households are eligible to apply on the first business day of January through the last business day of March (or until funding is exhausted) each year.
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Program Highlights

  • No automatic eligibility. Anyone interested in receiving LIEAP assistance must submit an application.
  • Applications are taken based on priority. Identified priority groups are households in which any person in the household is age 60 or above or households with at least one disabled person receiving SSI, SSA, or VA disability and receiving services through the Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS).
  • LIEAP payments are one-time payments AND are made directly to vendors. No check will be mailed to the applicant or household member. 

Information Needed to Apply

  • All household income information for the month prior to the month of application (wages, tips, unemployment benefits, child support, etc.)
  • Information about the household's savings accounts or checking accounts
  • Information about the household's property, stocks, bonds, and other assets
  • Name, date of birth, and social security numbers for each household member
  • Vendor information (i.e. utility statement with the account number or name of the oil/gas company to be used)

Any elderly or disabled person who wishes to apply may call the Davidson County Department of Social Services at 336-242-2500 for assistance or send a representative to the agency to apply for them. A note will be needed for the representative to act on someone else's behalf. Households will meet income eligibility if the total countable income for the household is equal to or less than 130% of the current poverty level at the time of application.


Monthly income eligibility - Dec. 2021 through Mar. 2022 - to qualify for LIEAP is:

  • Household of 1 is $1,395
  • Household of 2 is $1,887
  • Household of 3 is $2,379
  • Household of 4 is $2,871

Additional Information

For more information contact:

  • Christie Eller at 336-242-2504
  • Teressa Garner at 336-242-2580
  • Gennean Kirkendall at 336-474-2768

Visit the NC Health and Human services website for more LIEAP Information.


Davidson County Social Services does not discriminate in the provision of services to all qualified persons.