Social Services

Since the mid-1920's, the Department has administered many state and federally funded programs to meet the needs of low income and at-risk families. These programs include Food and Nutritional Services, Medicaid, Work First, and Child Care Subsidy. The agency is also mandated to provide child welfare and adult services through Child Protective Services, Foster Care and Adoptions, as well as Adult Protective Services Programs.

Mission Statement

The Davidson County Department of Social Services is dedicated to providing opportunities, which assure personal dignity and self-sufficiency for all citizens.


We assist individuals and families in reaching these goals through economic support programs, which ensure that food, shelter, medical care and other basic needs are met. Social work services promote self-determination, enhance family functioning and protect children and disabled adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We advocate for services that improve the quality of life for individuals and families, affirm each individual's worth, and encourage personal responsibility in decision-making. We believe that in helping others, we create a stronger community for everyone.

Income Maintenance

We provide Medicaid health care and food and nutrition services for families, adults, and children. Child Support Enforcement assists in the collection and distribution of court-ordered child support payments.

Family & Children Income Maintenance

Services are provided to eligible families with children under 18 and pregnant women. Included are:

  • Food/Nutrition Services (formerly known as Food Stamps)
  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women
  • Medicaid for Families and Children
  • NC Health Choice - low cost health insurance for children

Adult Income Maintenance 

Eligibility for income maintenance programs is determined for individuals over 18 and families without children under 18 years of age. These include food/nutrition services, medicaid for the disabled (for those under age 65), Medicaid for the elderly (over age 65), Medicare supplements, and long term care. The Special Assistance for Adults (SA) program is also offered for older adults or adults with disabilities who need to live or are living in an adult care home but cannot afford the cost. SA helps pay the facility room and board for eligible clients.

Child Support Enforcement 

Works to insure that children receive the financial support from their parents to which they are entitled. This includes locating absent parents, DNA testing, the establishment of court orders for support, and the enforcement of these order. View the Child Support page for additional information.

Family Services

Programs provided are Work First, Child Care, General and Emergency Assistance, and Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). These different services help families stay in the work force and/or provide some extra help during difficult times.


We provide programs that improve the quality of life.

Adult Services

A variety of services just for elderly and/or disabled adults. Protective services for abused, neglected, or exploited members of this population segment are an important part of this unit's work. Other services include monitoring adult care facilities, providing in-home care services, and guardianship when needed.

Foster Care & Adoptions

Foster care provides foster homes and services for children who have been removed by the court from their families due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, or the caretaker not able to care for the child.

Adoption services helps children who would not otherwise have a home of their own become members of a family that can love, care, protect and provide opportunities essential for their personal growth and development. Adoptive parents assume all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the child just as if they had been born in the family.

Services for the Blind

Services to help improve the quality of life for county residents with visual disorders.

Reception Centers

Reception Centers are located on the 2nd floor of each location.
This is the starting place to apply for help, including Medicaid, Food and Nutrition Services (previously called Food Stamps), Child Care Assistance, as well as Emergency Assistance. These workers also process free fishing licenses for eligible Medicaid and Food and Nutrition Services participants and voter registration applications.