Adult Care Facilities

Living & Healthcare Arrangements

When an individual is no longer able to remain in their current living arrangement, a Davidson Social Services (DSS) Adult Social Worker can provide guidance as to the most appropriate "next steps" in the decision process. It may be possible that In-home Services will enable the person to remain at home, but if placement in a facility is the best or only option, then the Social Worker will assist individuals and their families with identifying an appropriate placement in the community.

The decision that a person can no longer remain in their current living arrangement is very difficult for everyone involved. Davidson Social Services (DSS) performs two services in this area.


  1. Assistance is provided to adult and families with finding appropriate living and healthcare arrangements when care can no longer be maintained at home. Part of this also includes help in returning home or to more independent living arrangements.
  2. DSS works with the NC Division of Facility Services to license and monitor the facilities in Davidson County that serve this population. This includes receiving and evaluating complaints made by or on behalf of residents. To make a complaint about an adult residential facility, call the Davidson County DSS Adult Home Specialist at 336-242-2500 or the NC Facility Complaint line at 800-624-3004.

Adult Care Facilities

The Adult Care Facilities are categorized by type of care provided: Adult Care Homes (assisted living - small and larger), Adult Day Care (8 to 5) and Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

Organized services are provided during the day in a community group setting for helping individuals improve their self-reliance and delay or avoid placement in a long-term care facility. Family members benefit as the program allows them to continue to work or provide full -time caregivers with respite time. DSS works with The Life Center of Davidson County to provide this service in our county.

Adult Care Homes

Two levels: fewer than 6 beds (also called "Family Care Homes") and more than 6 beds). These residential facilities provide care at the assisted living level. Davidson County DSS provides monitoring and facility complaint investigation services for these homes.

Adult Day Care Centers

These centers provide care and supervision for adults during the day. Davidson County DSS provides certification, monitoring and complaint investigation services for these centers.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

These residential facilities provide skilled nursing services. Additionally, some provide a combination of skilled and intermediate nursing care as well as assisted living level of care. The NC Division of Health and Human Services (DHSR) licenses, monitors and provides complaint investigation services for these facilities.

Licensing / Monitoring

The Adult Home Specialist assures that the adult care facilities operate within the applicable rules, regulations and laws through on-going planning and the licensure/monitoring process. The Adult Home Specialist works in conjunction with NC Division of Health Services Regulation staff members.

All Adult Care facilities are monitored no matter how large or small they are. The Adult Home Specialists also investigate facility complaints. Major areas monitored are: Residents' Rights, Staffing, Food Service, Drug Management and Health Care. If you have a complaint about an adult care facility in Davidson County, please call the Adult Home Specialist at 336-242-2567.