Soil Test Kits

Soil Sampling for Gardens, Fields & Lawns

Test your soil so you will know what it needs. Soil testing is free and easy. Come by our office to pick up a soil kit (at no charge). Collect the soil samples, package them in the kit, and send it off to Raleigh. The Argonomic Division analyzes soil for its nutrient content and for properties that affect plant growth. 

Soil testing fosters plant growth by providing optimal lime and fertilizer recommendations, diagnoses common nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, and promotes environmental quality. When following recommended guidelines for fertilization, nutrient runoff into surface or ground water is minimized, money is saved and natural resources are conserved. 

Collect soil samples several months before initiating any new landscaping - whether it be laying sod, starting a vegetable garden, planting trees/shrubs, or putting in a flower bed.

Contact Information

We're always glad to help, if you have concerns regarding recommendations when the results are mailed to you or posted on the web, you may contact our office at 336-242-2075 for interpretation and advice.

Soil testing sample map