Banned From Disposal

Items Banned From Disposal in Landfills

No person shall knowingly dispose of the following solid wastes in landfills:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Antifreeze (ethylene glycol)
  • Beverage containers that are required to be recycled under G.S. 18B-1006.1
  • Discarded computer equipment (includes laptops, desktops, video displays, printers, scanners, and printer-scanner-fax combos. As of March 16, 2015, mice and keyboards are no longer covered devices and are not covered by the landfill ban).
  • Discarded televisions
  • Fluorescent lights and thermostats that contain mercury are banned from unlined landfills. In North Carolina, all construction and demolition landfills are considered unlined landfills.
  • Lead-acid batteries, as provided in G.S. 130A-309.70
  • Motor vehicle oil filters
  • Oyster shells
  • Recyclable rigid plastic containers that are required to be labeled as provided, that have a neck smaller than the body of the container, and that accept a screw top, snap cap, or other closure. The prohibition on disposal of recyclable rigid plastic containers in landfills does not apply to rigid plastic containers that are intended for use in the sale or distribution of motor oil or pesticides.
    • For polyethylene terephthalate, the letters "PETE" and the number 1
    • For high density polyethylene, the letters "HDPE" and the number 2
    • For vinyl, the letter "V" and the number 3
    • For low density polyethylene, the letters "LDPE" and the number 4
    • For polypropylene, the letters "PP" and the number 5
    • For polystyrene, the letters "PS" and the number 6
    • For any other, the letters "OTHER" and the number 7
  • Used oil
  • White goods
  • Whole scrap tires, as provided in G.S. 130A-309.58(b). The prohibition against land filling whole tires applies to all whole pneumatic rubber coverings, but does not apply to whole solid rubber coverings.
  • Wooden pallets, except that wooden pallets (mixed into construction waste) may be disposed of in a landfill that is permitted to only accept construction and demolition debris.
  • Yard trash, except in landfills approved for the disposal of yard trash under rules adopted by the Commission. Yard trash that is source separated from solid waste may be accepted at a solid waste disposal area where the area provides and maintains separate yard trash composting facilities.

For more information on where, when and how to dispose of these items listed, call 336-224-5376 or 336-242-2289.