The Davidson County Sub-tile D Landfill is designed and operated to protect human health and the environment which has replaced the unregulated open/illegal dumps. Every person involved shares the responsibility to understand the role of landfills in our waste management system and become active participants in regulatory compliance, process improvements and fiscal responsibility.

Minimum Charge

Starting July 1, 2018, the minimum charge per vehicle/trailer to dispose at the landfill will be $8.

Disposal Fees

Material Type
Tipping Fees
Fiber glass
$32 per ton
Glass $36 per ton
Sludge $36 per ton
Municipal solid waste (MSW) - garbage/refuse
$36 per ton
Passenger vehicle with/without trailer includes HHW
$8 minimum
Inert debris
$8 per ton
Uncontaminated soil
No charge
E-waste (televisions, computers)
$8 per item
Mattresses $10 each or $13 per cubic yard