Safety Tips

Proper Use of 911

911 is your connection to police, fire and EMS services. Our Telecommunicators are highly trained, dedicated professionals who will assist you in getting the help you need. Remember the following tips whenever you call 911:

  • Use 911 in emergency situations that require police/sheriff, fire and EMS services. Remember 911 is for people emergencies only.
  • Know your location at all times. This is very important if you are calling from a cell phone. Calling from a cell phone does not tell us exactly where you are but an area within 80 feet. You should know what city you are in, building or home addresses or landmarks, cross streets, etc.
  • Tell the Telecommunicator your location as soon as you are asked.
  • Be prepared to answer questions, listen carefully, speak clearly and try to remain calm.
  • Please understand while the Telecommunicator is asking you questions, the information is relayed to other Telecommunicators who are sending help to your location. It may seem like the Telecommunicator is asking to many questions or not sending help, but we assure you help is being sent. The more information emergency responders have before they arrive, the better they are prepared to help you.
  • You will be asked questions to determine the nature of your emergency. Our Telecommunicators are experienced and their persistence is based on a need to provide accurate and specific information to the emergency responders. You will likely be asked many specific questions.
  • If you dial 911 by accident, stay on the phone and let us know there is no emergency, that is was an accident. If you hang up, we will call you back. If no response on the call back we will have to send out police/sheriff to your location to make sure everything is OK.This ties up emergency responders who may be needed on other calls.
  • Teach children to dial 911 properly and remind them this is not a toy. Put your address information near the phone and make sure your children and sitters know where to locate it.
  • Don't call 911 to ask for "non-emergency" or business phone numbers. Those numbers are located in the telephone book or you can dial 411 for directory assistance. Please do not tie up an emergency line with these questions.