Proctoring Exam Policy

Students taking online courses from local colleges, students enrolled in distance-learning programs, homeschooling special exams, and adults taking exams for employment testing or job re-certification may use test proctoring services provided by designated staff from the Davidson County Public Library System.


  • Designated library staff will proctor tests.  
  • Constant supervision or a quiet environment cannot be guaranteed.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to proctor an exam for reasons such as, but not limited to chronic tardiness or cheating.  If proctoring services are terminated, the institution/school will notify the student.
  • We are not responsible for exams that are lost by a postal system or electronically.
  • If the library needs to close for an emergency, library staff will make every effort to contact the student and the proctor.  Please check the local news for closures due to weather or the Davidson County Government website.
  • UNC students: Due to UNC policy, we are unable to proctor an exam on a personal laptop.

Fees and Postage

  • The library will charge $5 per test for proctoring.
  • Before taking a test, test takers must provide the necessary return postage if postage is not provided by the institution issuing the exam.
  • If institutions require the return of test via fax machine or email, library staff will fax or scan tests for no charge.
  • Special handling requirements for returning test cannot be accommodated.


Test takers must make an appointment with a designated staff member at least 7 days prior to test.  Availability is dependent on demand.  No walk-in test proctoring is provided.

Computer and Software

  • If the test requires a computer, library staff will provide computer time sufficient to administer the test.
  • We cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from the testing institution or library technology.
  • Davidson County Public Library staff will not proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or the modification of existing computer settings.

Expectations Before the Exam


  • Arrive promptly at the scheduled time
  • Bring a photo ID, payment for printing and mailing and any allowed testing materials (e.g. calculator, pen, pencil, scratch paper, notes)
  • Turn off cell phone and place it out of reach (e.g. in a bookbag) before checking in
  • Leave other items at home or in a vehicle.  Staff cannot hold items during an exam

Library Staff

  • Verify photo ID
  • Present exam materials
  • Review exam instructions, including breaks
  • Monitor students from a distance.  We are unable to monitor students one-on-one.
  • Monitor the exam time