Proctoring Exam Policy


Students taking online courses from local colleges, students enrolled in distance-learning programs, homeschooling special exams, and adults taking exams for employment testing or job re-certification may use test proctoring services provided by designated staff from the Davidson County Public Library System.


Designated library staff will proctor tests.  Constant supervision or a quiet environment cannot be guaranteed.


The Davidson County Public Library System will charge $5.00 per test for proctoring.


Test takers must make an appointment with a designated staff member with adequate notice.  Notice is dependent on that libraries demand.  No "drop-in" test proctoring is provided.

Computer Time

If the test requires a computer, library staff will provide computer time sufficient to administer the test.


Before taking a test, test takers must provide the necessary return postage if postage is not provided by the institution issuing the exam.

  • If institutions require the return of tests via fax machine or email, library staff will fax or scan test for no charge.
  • Special handling requirements for returning tests cannot be accommodated.

Special Software Applications

Davidson County Library staff will not proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or the modification of existing computer settings.

Davidson County Library staff reserves the right to cancel or postpone a proctoring session if any of the following occur:

  • Test materials are not received in time
  • Test materials require clarification
  • Student does not have identification
  • Test materials incur any expenses other than postage and printing the test materials
  • Test materials otherwise exceed our ability to comply with the testing institution's requirements.
  • Student is at least 30 minutes late for appointment and does not communicate with the proctor.