Sales Call Instruction

Salesperson Expectations

Salesperson can be expected to:

  • Call in advance and make an appointment at a time convenient to the purchaser during normal business hours.
  • State clearly when making the appointment that it is to be a sales call, and give a brief description of the product or service offered.
  • Have a brief presentation prepared to explain the essential features of the product of service.

Purchaser Expectations

Purchaser can be expected to:

  • Be available for appointments during normal business hours on reasonable notice.
  • Be on time to receive the salesperson.
  • Listen attentively to the presentation and try to determine whether the product or service will benefit the Davidson County.
  • Have appropriate staff personnel at the meeting, or arrange a future meeting so that the product can be adequately evaluated.
  • The purchaser may answer the telephone during the appointment, however, calls must be brief.