Adoption Process

Dog Wearing a Red Leash

Adopting a shelter pet is a rewarding experience that you will not regret! Not only are you saving a life, but you are getting a forever friend that will love you unconditionally.

Each animal available for adoption will remain available until it is either adopted or develops an illness, injury or behavior that is not treatable or able to be rehabilitated. There is no limit on the number of days an animal can remain available for adoption.

Transition Period

When you choose to adopt a shelter pet, we recommend that you allow time to visit and spend time with the pet you have selected. The shelter knows that making the decision to adopt a new pet into your home is a serious responsibility. Your new pet could go through a stressful period of adjustment when transitioning to life in your home. The shelter has a seven day trial period for all adoptions to insure that both you and your new pet are compatible.

Application & Medical Care

Potential owners will be asked to fill out an application and agree to the shelter’s adoption procedures. The adopter agrees to provide all medical care and treatment needed for the animal, this includes a yearly checkup, required vaccines, heart worm prevention and flea and tick prevention. A fecal examination is highly recommended for your new pet. Your pet has received a de-worming prior to adoption, but due to the life cycle of parasites, the initial de-worming may not remove all of the parasites.

Adoption Application