Monthly Menu

December 2022 Lunch Menu

1- Cube Steak w/ gravy, Broc/Chz, Mashed Potatoes, Fruit Cocktail, Roll, Milk

2- Baked Chicken Patty, Broc/Cauliflower Medley, Blackeye Peas, Juice, Milk

5- Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Links, Tater Tots, Juice, Milk

6- Chicken & Dumplings, Carrots, Apple Cobbler, Roll, Juice, Milk

7- Baked Ham w/ Pineapple, Broccoli/Rice  Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, Roll, Milk

8- BBQ Boneless Pork Rib, Squash/Onions, Peas, Roll, Cookie, Juice, Milk

9- Hot Dog w/ Chili, BBQ Slaw, Corn, Bun, Pears,  Pudding, Milk

12- Baked Chicken w/ Gravy, Green Beans, Corn, Roll, Choc PB Bar, Juice, Milk

13- Cheeseburger w Chili, Baked Beans, Lett/Tom, Peaches, Milk

14- Chicken Pie, Collard Greens, Baked Apples, Roll, Cookie, Milk

15- Baked Ham, Broc/Chz, Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread, Juice, Pudding Milk

16- Chili and Rice, Coleslaw, Cornbread, Fruit Cocktail, Milk

19- BBQ Chicken, Peas, Carrots, Apple Slices, Roll, Pudding, Milk

20- Hamburger Steak & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Broc Casserole, Applesauce, Roll, Milk

21- Smoked Sausage w/ Cabbage, Crowder Peas, Roll, Peaches, Milk

22- Breaded Chicken Filet, Baked Beans, Lett & Tom, Fruited Gelatin, Milk

23- Closed - Christmas Holidays

26- Closed - Christmas Holidays

27- Closed - Christmas Holidays

28- Veg. Beef Soup w/ ½ Pimento Cheese Sandwich, Orange Juice, Pudding, Milk 

29- Spaghetti, Green Beans, Salad, Garlic Bread, Pears, Milk 

30- Pinto Beans, Turnip Greens, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread, Orange Juice, Milk

Entrée meal options for the cafés are:

  Monday- Hot Plate only                                                                                                                                                  Tuesday - Thursday - Chef Salad , Cold Plate or Hot Plate                                                                                              Friday - Chef Salad, Hot Plate  


For more information about the Cafés or Meals on Wheels call 336.242.2290