Sheriff's Emergency Response Team

Special Emergency Response Team Uniform  Pin

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team is staffed by 19 Davidson County deputies. Included on the team are Tactical Operators, Command Staff and Negotiators. All team members have additional job functions when not training or being utilized for an emergency operation. All members are on a 24/7 call out basis.

The Sheriff's Emergency Response Team is led by a team leader and assistant team leader. Members on the team have a variety of specialized training including breaching, less-lethal munitions, chemical munitions and precision marksman operations. The command staff consists of a Major (team commander) and a Captain (assistant team commander).

The Team is equipped and trained to respond to any tactical situation, including barricaded suspects, hostage situations, search/arrest warrant operations, dignitary protection missions, terrorist events, incidents involving weapons of mass destruction and any other tactical operation that may arise.

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