2017 Conservation Farm Family

Roger and Brenda Blake from the Healing Springs Township are the 2017 Conservation Farm Family for Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District. They were recently recognized for this accomplishment at the District's Annual Awards Banquet. 

The Blakes's farm is approximately 500 acres of corn and soybeans in the southern area of Davidson and Rowan Counties. They were selected as this year's Conservation Farm Family because of their many years of practicing excellent soil and water conservation on the land that they farm. An additional factor in their selection is their extensive involvement in their church and community.

Roger and Brenda Blake receiving the 2017 Conservation Farm Family for Davidson Soil and Water Conse

No-till has been the way that all crops are produced on the farm for many years. Utilizing these methods along with an excellent crop rotation system has virtually eliminated erosion in the fields and is promoting improved soil health that leads to cleaner water leaving the farm. Improved soil health also paves the way for increased yields and greater resistance to drought, insects, and diseases.

Sorghum Syrup

One of the interesting products from the Blake Farm is sorghum syrup. A few acres are dedicated to the production of sorghum that is used to produce the sweet treat known as sorghum syrup. Sorghum syrup has a lighter sweeter taste than molasses. Making the syrup leads to a community get together to cook the syrup with time for fellowship and friendship. Roger's sorghum syrup making skills led to his syrup be selected as the best in the nation in 2013.

Grading Work

Prior to developing knee problems, Roger was well known for his grading work that installed many conservation measures throughout southern Davidson County. He built numerous farm ponds, grassed waterways, installed tile drainage, and completed many other conservation practices for various farms.

Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is proud to recognize Roger and Brenda Blake for their many years of dedication to their community and to sound soil and water conservation. Congratulations for being selected as the 2017 Conservation Farm Family.