2022 Conservation Farm Family

2022 Conservation Farm Family - Loflin Angus Farms 

Lyle and Pam Loflin of Loflin Angus Farms in Denton were selected as our 2022 Conservation Farm Family. The farm has followed a conservation plan since the first plan was developed by Lyle's father, Roby Loflin.  Updates to the conservation plan occurred in 2014, 2015, 2020, and 2021.  They have installed many soil and water conservation practices including comprehensive nutrient management plans, grazing management, wildlife enhancements, forest management, pest management, poultry litter dry stack, mortality composter, livestock exclusion, livestock water system, wells constructed to water cattle and provide water for poultry barns and energy saving measures.  These practices have improved conditions for livestock and wildlife.  They manage 170 acres of pastureland and 46 acres of hay land, and they own beef cattle and poultry.  

Their farm is used by NRCS and our District Staff to show other producers the proper installation and use of the conservation practices utilized.  Their farm is an excellent example of a well-managed farm with all conservation practices maintained in an excellent condition.  All areas are maintained in a neat and orderly condition that reflects well on the farming community.  The pastures are an exceptional example of what well managed pastures can look like.  An additional example of Mr. Loflin's stewardship is the use of the Zoetis Inherit Select Program.  This program utilizes genetic testing on the beef herd to maximize the production potential of the cows which allows Mr. Loflin to breed for the specific characteristics that he desires in the herd. This provides animals that meet the expectations of the buyers while producing animals that efficiently utilize the forages on the farm.  They are being recognized for their outstanding conservation efforts and contributions to our County.